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ACM Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems (JETC), Volume 10 Issue 4, May 2014

Dual-Level DVFS-Enabled Millimeter-Wave Wireless NoC Architectures
Jacob Murray, Teng Lu, Paul Wettin, Partha Pratim Pande, Behrooz Shirazi
Article No.: 27
DOI: 10.1145/2600074

Wireless Network-on-Chip (WiNoC) has emerged as an enabling technology to design low power and high bandwidth massive multicore chips. WiNoCs based on small-world network architecture and designed with incorporating millimeter (mm)-wave on-chip...

CDMA Enabled Wireless Network-on-Chip
Vineeth Vijayakumaran, Manoj Prashanth Yuvaraj, Naseef Mansoor, Nishad Nerurkar, Amlan Ganguly, Andres Kwasinski
Article No.: 28
DOI: 10.1145/2536778

Multihop communication links in conventional Networks-on-Chips (NoCs) results in lower rates of data transfer and higher energy dissipation. Long-range millimeter-wave wireless interconnects were envisioned to alleviate this problem. However, the...

SUOR: Sectioned Undirectional Optical Ring for Chip Multiprocessor
Xiaowen Wu, Jiang Xu, Yaoyao Ye, Zhehui Wang, Mahdi Nikdast, Xuan Wang
Article No.: 29
DOI: 10.1145/2600072

Chip multiprocessor (CMP) is becoming an attractive platform for applications seeking both high performance and high energy efficiency. In large-scale CMPs, the communication efficiency among cores is crucial for the overall system performance and...

Design Options for Optical Ring Interconnect in Future Client Devices
Paolo Grani, Sandro Bartolini
Article No.: 30
DOI: 10.1145/2602155

Nanophotonic is a promising solution for on-chip interconnection due to its intrinsic low-latency and low-power features. Future tiled chip multiprocessors (CMPs) for rich client devices can receive energy benefits from this technology but...

Exploring Dynamic Redundancy to Resuscitate Faulty PCM Blocks
Jie Chen, Guru Venkataramani, H. Howie Huang
Article No.: 31
DOI: 10.1145/2602156

DRAM technology challenges have increased the necessity to adapt to the emerging memory technologies like Phase-Change Memory (PCM or PRAM). While such emerging technologies provide benefits like storage density, nonvolatility, and low energy...

Effect of the Active Layer on Carbon Nanotube-Based Cells for Yield Analysis
Matthias Beste, Mehdi B. Tahoori
Article No.: 32
DOI: 10.1145/2602157

Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor (CNTFET)--based technologies become more and more a concurrent alternative to Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors (MOSFET) technologies. In contrast to a MOSFET technology, the active layer of...

System Level Benchmarking with Yield-Enhanced Standard Cell Library for Carbon Nanotube VLSI Circuits
Shashikanth Bobba, Jie Zhang, Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon, H.-S. Philip Wong, Subhasish Mitra, Giovanni de Micheli
Article No.: 33
DOI: 10.1145/2600073

The quest for technologies with superior device characteristics has showcased Carbon-Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors (CNFET) into limelight. In this work we present physical design techniques to improve the yield of CNFET circuits in the...